Wedding Hashtag (#): Why stress out about it?

Obviously, I belong to a few bridal Facebook groups, and what I see here is that many brides are extremely concerned over the current social media search standard: the “hashtag”. For those new to social media or don’t have any experience with “hashtags”, they are basically a simplified Boolean search string written to bring the searcher directly to hashtag associated posts that the person wants people to see. The process is simple: copy the hashtag and paste into the search bar of your browser and see all resulting posts associated with that specific hashtag. For example, check out mine: #demalaycelebrations. Copy, paste, check out some of my posts, and then MAKE SURE TO COME BACK to finish reading this post! 😉  

The problem that many Brides are rocking the Richter Scale over is this important little detail. Of course, this can create a huge problem – the hashtag that you create could already be in use by someone else. It would be to have your #mostbeautifulweddingever be linked to some …let’s just say, unsavory, pictures on someone else’s site. Bad, bad, bad. The challenge is finding that very specific string of words that brings you specifically to what YOU, as the bride, want people to see. It is a huge headache for many brides, but there is no need to stress! The Bride-to-be just needs a little guidance, maybe a couple of suggestions, and direction for all the angles of how to plan a wedding – and properly developed hashtags is one big issue that can be ensured during the planning process.  

There are various ways to get help with wedding hashtags. For instance, pages like Zola, Wedding Hashers, or Shutterfly are some of the many that can generate a hashtag for you. If you are a bride, and you are struggling with this matter, and paying to outsource a hashtag generator is not in your budget, just do your research and use your imagination. You can do this all by yourself!

To give you some ideas how to get to the right hashtag, just play with your names, your last names, places that have meaning for both of you, famous painters that you both like, or even a special word. Create it, search it and, literally, see where it takes you…. Just remember, try to keep your hashtag simple so your viewers can remember it easily, as well as pass it on to others.

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