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How beautiful it is when everything is well planned, when the ceremony and reception are held in a single venue or in separate ones too.

There are weddings where the ceremony is celebrated in a church, and only because the couple want a specific wedding officiate. Some times is the church structure that the couples are not willing to change for another one.

Then, reception is celebrated in a salon, bar or in any other venue, and that’s okay, but some weddings have the church and the reception venue separated by 40 to 50 miles of traveling time. That in addition of 2 to 3 hours of waiting time until the cocktail hour starts.

What about the guests?

It would be very appropriate for the couple to choose a church near their reception venue, or vice versa. No more than 25 to 30 miles of driving would be ideal, if it’s less than that even better.

But if you absolutely cannot live without that specific venue, and don’t want to change your wedding officiate for another unknown one, then talk to him/her. They are willing to travel as far as you ask them to. Another way will be to ask them to come to the nearest church from the venue. Of course, keep in mind that you will pay that extra expense because they too would be spending on gasoline and driving time.

If the church or the venue are far away from each other, and neither of them you are willing to sacrifice, then there are shuttles too. You or your wedding planner can arrange transportation from the church to the reception venue. This method will also solve any issues with parking space at the venue.

Believe me, your guests will be very grateful that you think about them too.

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