How can I tell my guests that this is an adult only event?

How can I tell my guests that this is an adult only event?

Translation: I don’t want kids at my wedding!

Let’s face it, children are a blessing from God to be sure, but they can definitely pose a significant problem when introduced to very important, formal events.   

There are many factors why event hosts may not want to allow children to be in a wedding, or in an adult’s environment in, general.

Imagine this, you, as the Bride, have planned an amazing wedding where nothing is out of place, the flowers are exquisite, the cake is out of this world, and the band (where your cousin Johnny is the lead singer!) will be playing the best music ever. Now what? Well, your dear friend from high school got your invitation that specifically says Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and the invite has two tickets with no “plus” allocations. It also does not specify that children are not included. Normally, this would be taken as only Mr and Mrs. Smith would attend, and any children would not be figured into the equation. However,….

Your friend and her husband arrive with their 6-year-old little “wrecking-ball” angel. He runs around the dance floor and knocks over a small table full of toasting glasses. Oh no! That is terrible! Of course, he didn’t mean to, but children are children.

Scenarios like this are highly probable because parents are often busy socializing, congratulating the couple, re-connecting with people or simply eating and children can run around as fast as lightning. Here one second, gone the next!  What can you do? They are children and it is totally okay, but NOT at your wedding! This scenario has played out in your mind hundreds of times, but how do you tell your guests you don’t want a nightmare to become reality?

One idea to let your guests know that children are allowed at the ceremony but not the reception is to simply state it as an advisory in the invitation. It can be a very subtle line that says, “If you would like to bring your child to the wedding, he/she is welcome; however, please be advised that the reception is restricted to adults only.” If you prefer a less direct approach, you may opt to add a reference to review the wedding page in the invitation or RSVP via the wedding page, where it will be addressed.

If you use the wedding page RSVP idea, all your guests will go to your page, they will get to see everything about you and your event, and they will read the “Wedding Expectations” section in your page. One of the expectations could be; “Please, do not bring children’ or ”This is a Child-Free Zone”. Saying it in this way, most people won’t feel that you are talking specifically about them and their children because it is absent in their invitation.

This is a very sensitive subject and can have a very big and “forever” impact on your dream. Finding the right way to accomplish this task can be confusing and difficult. Fortunately, this is just one thing that I am here for – to help solve your problems — just give me a call, maybe we can work through this together 😊

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