Social & Table Etiquette Lessons in Virginia

Proper Etiquette for Formal Social Events

Proper etiquette can set you apart from the crowd or help you blend in, depending upon your intent. Learning and following established norms will enhance your overall event, lending aΒ refined, polished overlay that guests will remember forever. Impress your guests with formal hosting techniques such as table placement and meal presentation by joining us for lessons right here in Virginia. Be the model of poise and perfection as you build your memory!

Table Etiquette

Social Etiquette

Phone Etiquette

Etiquette Classroom

I currently teach three different forms of classes which can benefit you in a variety of formal social situations. Ensure you’re at the top of your class before diving into the world of formal events.

Table Etiquette

Dining Experience
Handling Accidents

Social Etiquette


Cell Phone Etiquette

Private Talk

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In order to properly plan your event day we will need to meet with you and get a general idea of what you’re looking for. Let’s work together to make this the best event possible! Call us today to get started.