Bridal Shower on a Budget

Yes, you heard it right! You do not have to break the bank throwing a Bridal Shower!

This party can cost thousands of dollars depending upon the number of guests, the venue, and the associated activities/décor. Usually the maid of honor, or a close relative of the bride, plans and coordinates the Bridal shower. Obviously, the Bridal Shower costs do not come out of the Wedding Budget – it is a separate cost and is usually a gift event for the Bride. Budget is oftentimes a big concern.

The more people that attend the Bridal shower, the more advantageous that it is ultimately for the bride and groom, as it is customary that each guest brings a gift for the bride or for the future couple’s home. However, having said that, the more people that attend, the pricier the shower will be — especially if we plan to serve brunch or lunch.

Here is another idea: What about a Bridal Tea Party? They have become very popular among new brides because the food cost is minimal and it is equally fun or even better than traditional Showers! This is an opportunity for all the girls in the family and circle of friends (unless you do a Jack & Jill shower) to wear very feminine clothes, feel girly, have girl talk, and enjoy delicious desserts while celebrating the Bride-to-Be.

Bridal Teas are relatively inexpensive as renting all table setting elements averages $10-25 per person, depending upon number of people and type of setting chosen.  Typically, the major cost is rental of the venue, the Tea party small foods and the décor. If you happen to be crafty and/or are good in the kitchen, the decorations and food costs can be reduced through a little individual effort. Additionally, the venue can be in one of the bridal party’s home. All of this, add some gifts and the Bride and Voila! You got yourself a Bridal Tea Party.

Of course, if you want to get this done but don’t have the time, don’t even know where to begin or don’t want to suffer the stress, you can always give me a call! 

Let’s have a Bridal Tea Party!

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